Brighton has some great food options. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or somewhere to sit down, there’s a place for you in the city. Here are some of the spots to visit for students and non-students alike, with some obvious and not so obvious inclusions.


Foodilic is a great place to go if you’re looking for fresh, healthy food and has been a staple within the city for many years now. The menu changes daily, as they only use fresh ingredients and not frozen ones. There are plenty of vegetarian options, so this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for somewhere that caters to your needs. They have many salads on the menu that come with different dressings and toppings (try the vegan pesto!), as well as some homemade hummus and dips. Foodilic also has an extensive salad bar where you can choose from over 20 different types of salad in addition to their main dishes.

The location of Foodilic makes it easy to access by bus or bike from campus or other parts of Brighton; however, there isn’t much parking nearby so this may be inconvenient for those driving here, especially during dinner time, however, Churchill Square will usually always have space.

The staff members at Foodilic are friendly but don’t expect much interaction with them – during my visits I found them helpful but there were often long lines at the register which made me feel rushed through my meal even though I was enjoying myself thoroughly!

Terre a Terre

Terre a Terre is the perfect dinner spot for vegans and vegetarians. With an extensive menu, you’ll never be short of choice, and with some dishes including meat or fish as optional extras, it’s also great for meat-eaters too!

The restaurant itself is a nice place to sit down and have lunch or dinner with friends; they have plenty of space inside their bright, airy cafe but there are also tables outside if the weather is right (it’s worth checking their website before you go). The staff are friendly and helpful – they know everything there is to know about every item on the menu so ask them what they recommend!


Marrocco’s is a great place to eat if you are looking for a tasty, healthy meal or some of the best ice cream on the south coast. The food is fresh, the atmosphere is relaxed and the prices are reasonable. It’s located near the main road and easy to get to by bus or train. The opening hours are flexible and they are open late on weekdays.

The staff at Marrocco’s couldn’t be more helpful if they tried – they will help you choose what food suits your tastes best (and even let you try some before committing!). There are many vegan options available too so everyone can enjoy their meal without worrying about missing out on their favourite dishes!


If you’re looking for a good time and some fresh, affordable food, look no further than the Market at Brighton. Located in the heart of town on Market Street, it’s open every day except Sundays from 8 am to 5 pm (closed on Christmas Day). There’s even parking nearby—it can accommodate up to 40 cars!

The range of stalls is incredible: there are ethnic foods like Thai and Mexican; modern British cuisine like burgers and sausages; vegetarian options; sweets and pastries; artisan bread; flowers; arts and crafts…the list goes on. All the things we want! And it’s all locally sourced too so you’re supporting local businesses while getting your daily dose of greens.

It costs £1 entrance fee per person (children under 12 go free), but that buys you access to all aspects of this market—allowing you not just to shop but also take part in cooking demonstrations from Brighton chefs such as Andrew Turner from The Lanesborough Hotel or learn about veganism with Matt Dennison from Veg Box Co-op or find out about growing vegetables with Pauline McLeod from Grow Brighton!

Burger Brothers

If you’re in the city centre and fancy a burger, Burger Brothers are one of the best restaurants around. The burgers are famous for being great value for money and full of flavour, meaning that even if it’s not your first time there (and it probably will be), you won’t be disappointed. They also do some great veggie options which make them perfect for anyone who doesn’t eat meat or fish. Infamous for their burgers with an onus on quality, it is rumoured they only make and sell 200 burgers each day meaning they are often sold out by the end of lunchtime. Not one to miss.

We hope you enjoyed our selection and would love to hear from you if you agree, disagree or think we missed out somewhere we shouldn’t have! What type of food would you like to see at Boundary Brighton in 2022?