So, we’re all looking forward to going to festivals this year?

In this post I’m going to tell you what you can expect this year at Boundary, as trust me, it’s gonna be a good one. If you’ve been to Boundary before, this post will give you a chance to reminisce on the good times you’ve had with us previously & allow you to take a look at what we’re planning for this year and beyond.

Instead of increasing capacity this year, we decided to instead increase the size of the site to allow people to move more freely from stage to stage. We’re blessed to have such an amazing area in Stanmer Park and we want to utilise as much of it as possible.

The Stages

At Boundary this year, we decided it was best to remove the VIP ticket (and stage) so we could create something more unique and inclusive for all ticket holders to enjoy; say hello to Nu Dance Revolution x Southpoint – the new stage at Boundary. Southpoint supports a variety of up-and-coming Brighton-based artists and aims to bring a brand new sound & experience to the woodland area of the festival.

Now onto our main stage, where we have chosen to make it outdoors for this year. The stage will now also be equipped with a brand new function one sound system so you can enjoy the music to the max.

Not only have we revamped the woodland area & main stage, but we’re introducing something completely different to Boundary. We’ve teamed up with The Alley to create a brand new robot stage that will blow people’s minds, and we hope will be one of the many highlights of Boundary this year. The stage itself features loads of extravagant pyrotechnics and a whole host of robotic shenanigans. The Alley supports local & up-and-coming artists within Brighton and the surrounding area.

The Fairground & Food

This year we decided to greatly increase the size of the fairground to allow for more people to enjoy the rides. We’ve also allocated more space for food & drink vendors this year, giving you an even larger variety of scran to choose from.

The Line Up

As well as new & revamped stages, some of you may have also noticed that we’ve slightly changed up our line up this year. We’ve chosen to adopt a wide range of new & diverse artists that help bring a new garage sound to our 4th stage.

The People

We don’t often mention it, but we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the amount of time & effort that goes into making Boundary a reality every year. From the people that plan it months in advance to the people that set it up a week before the festival officially opens. 100s of people are involved in making Boundary a reality every year.

The Attendees

This is you. The people that make Boundary magical every single year – without fault. We’ve made a small collection of some of the best moments people have had at Boundary over the last few years. Which one is your favourite and can you make a better moment this year?